In-Ground Hot Tub

Sundance Spas offers the choice of an in-ground hot tub in selected models. In-ground hot tubs, which are custom installed into the ground or into a permanent setting with custom plumbing, may have some advantages over portable hot tubs in customization options. However, they often require more space than a portable spa, and usually need professional installation.

An in-ground hot tub can be built into a cement patio, surrounded by a wooden deck or even sunken into a lawn. In-ground hot tubs can be backyard centerpieces, landscaped or hidden by a garden for a romantic getaway.

Most in-ground hot tubs require excavation, not just for the in-ground hot tub itself but also for plumbing and dedicated electrical lines, so more skilled labor typically is required for installation than with portable spas.

Like a swimming pool, an in-ground hot tub may increase the value of your home, although that’s a prospect down the road. (Then again, a portable hot tub, beautifully installed and left behind upon the sale of a home, may similarly enhance value.) But in either case, the instant gratification of an improved quality of life is the real attraction of owning a Sundance Spas hot tub.

To help guide you in your decision about whether to go with a portable or in-ground hot tub, view photos of homeowners’ installations or download a free brochure.

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