Hot Tub Control

The hot tub control panel on a Sundance® spa may look like just another sleek, well-designed component of the spa, but it truly is an incredible piece of equipment that gives you total control over your spa experience and energy usage. Notice how conveniently located the hot tub control panel is and how easy it is to use; the clear and legible digital display reads from inside or outside of the spa.

The i-Touch digital hot tub controls on selected Sundance spas let you customize the hot tub water circulation, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, filtration, purification, temperature, and lights. Each function is fully programmable with the touchpad. Pre-program using your hot tub control panel for the most energy-efficient settings, and to ensure that your spa’s water is heated and ready when you want to use it. You know that your hot tub control settings are stable, thanks to advanced microprocessors that check all functions 60 times per second.

The AquaTerrace™ hot tub control panel lets you turn the lights on and off on the waterfall and the footwell independently of each other. There’s also an AquaTerrace Waterfall Dial for varying the stream of the waterfall – it works independently from the jets’ hot tub controls and features adjustable colored backlighting control.

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