Discount Spa

Discount spas are available just about everywhere you look these days. But how do you know if you’re truly saving money when you purchase a discount spa? How do you compare prices to be sure you are getting a discount spa?

The term discount spa should tell you that the original, or full retail price of the hot tub, has been lowered. Unfortunately, discount spa has become a universal sales term. It may be the attention-getter for a spa with low value compared to a superior hot tub whose price has truly been “discounted.”

Our advice is to start gathering information about discount spas by exploring the best hot tub brands and comparing features and warranties. Visit your local authorized spa dealerships, including Sundance Spas, and get to know the price ranges. Sign up for email notification of special offers from Sundance® so you can take advantage of the discount spa opportunities.

Sundance also offers instant online financing, which can help you afford a spa, maybe even more easily than paying full price up front for a discount spa. Special offers from Sundance may include stated discounts on particular models, usually for a limited time. This is one way to be certain you are buying a quality discount spa, at a true discount price.

Sundance Spas is committed to providing durable, high-performance products that are backed by a comprehensive warranty. You know you are saving money when the spa you are buying is manufactured by a reputable company. A spa that’s well built will run smoothly and bring you years of enjoyment. Be sure that you know what you are getting before you buy a discount spa based on price alone.

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