Custom Hot Tubs

The definition of a “custom hot tub” is typically a spa that’s designed specifically for a particular setting, with professionally installed plumbing and electrical. A custom hot tub spa usually doesn’t mean one that’s engineered with one-of-a-kind jets or specially sculpted seats; a custom hot tub is simply a spa that is built into an environment in a unique way.

For most people, a portable spa by Sundance® will fit into the backyard as beautifully as a custom hot tub. Without any need for backyard excavation, custom plumbing or electrical, or installing special decking, a Sundance spa offers you a wide range of styles and installation options.

Starting with the number of adults you envision entertaining in your Sundance, and continuing with color and cabinetry selection, you have a number of ways to personalize your spa choice. A custom hot tub can appear to be the centerpiece of its surroundings. One way to create this in your backyard is with Sundance planters that match the hot tub’s cabinetry. Filled with plants that stand up to the scale of the spa, the planters create a Sundance Spas garden.

Adding a matching table and stools, a spa umbrella, or a gazebo are popular options thatlend a portable spa the look of a custom hot tub. But even more importantly, a custom hot tub spa enhancement should be done to bring even more enjoyment into your backyard life. Make your Sundance a place to entertain, with the stereo option. Use aromatherapy and turn on the colored lighting at night. Make the spa easily accessible for older adults by adding steps with a handrail. With all the choices and options available from Sundance, your backyard spa will feel like a custom hot tub.

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