Summer Hot Tub Accessories

Spruce Up with Spa Accessories

Ready, set, SUMMER! It will be here soon. I’m looking forward to the long days of sunshine, weekend barbeques, and concerts in the park. It’s time to dust off the patio furniture (or take it out of the garage), clean the grill, and add some new hot tub accessories.

Hot tub covers are important hot tub accessories for summer. Vinyl hot tub covers are very durable, meant to withstand the elements, but they need to be replaced every few years. This time of year, it’s important to make sure yours is not sagging or cracking. Your hot tub cover protects your hot tub, keeps the water cleaner and helps to hold in the heat. It’s one of the spa accessories that can increase your hot tub’s overall energy efficiency.

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Before summer starts, it’s a good idea to check your spa’s filters. The Sundance MicroClean line of hot tub filters remove unwanted particles and debris from the hot tub water. All of them are easy to clean, or replace when necessary, and are a key component in ensuring your hot tub’s water is clean and clear.

To get the most enjoyment from your hot tub this summer, consider adding matching planters, filled with flowers in the colors of summer. When Fall comes, you can replant. Steps, if you don’t already have them, are among the most desirable hot tub accessories, and you can get them to match your Sundance spa’s exterior finish.

I recommend the beverage holder for summer days and nights in the hot tub. It fits over your hot tub’s filter cover to keep beverages and snacks close at hand while you relax.

To get more ideas about hot tub accessories, visit the website or the photos in our brochure. Get ready for a Sundance summer now!

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