2 Person Hot Tub

Its curvy-edge triangle shape makes the Tacoma 2-person spa versatile enough to fit into compact spaces with ease. Unlike circular-shaped 2-person spas, the Tacoma triangle can tuck into a corner or fit snugly against a wall or fence. But the real beauty of the Tacoma by Sundance Spas is inside: this 2-person spa actually has three seating optionsto give you a choice of hydrotherapeutic massage types. Add to that the control panel that lets you adjust the intensity of the jets for an even more customized massage. Your back, neck and feet have never had it so good.

A 2-person spa that carries the Sundance® name is equipped with features you would normally look for in a much bigger hot tub. The Tacoma 2-person spa features multi-color LED lighting in the footwell. Comfortable pillow headrests support you as the warm-water massage soothes sore muscles and relieves tension. You even have the luxury of armrests in this 2-person spa.

The Tacoma is perfect for anyone who wants the superior quality of a Sundance in a 2-person spa. Get details about the Tacoma or contact your local dealer for more information.

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