Hot Tub Business

The Sundance Spas hot tub business spans the globe, with dealers and technicians located the world over, and retail locations in 60 countries. In the hot tub business, maintaining a reputable brand name is of utmost importance to consumers. Sundance Spas has been making a name for itself in the hot tub business since 1979, growing to become the largest manufacturer and distributor of acrylic spas in the world.

For those who are interested in entering the hot tub business, Sundance Spas is an excellent place for people who are interested in partnering with an organization that works to help its dealers succeed. Consumers expect to be educated when they are purchasing a hot tub, so Sundance makes sure its dealers are knowledgeable about hot tubs and running a hot tub business.

The professional trainers at Sundance Spas help dealers get started in the hot tub business, from setting up their stores to providing in-store displays and sponsoring seminars. The company continues to support its dealers with effective sales and training programs and results-based marketing. The Sundance Spas Dealer Community site is another valuable resource for dealers and technicians. As a result of these programs and ongoing support, a majority of Sundance Spas dealers have been with the company in the hot tub business for more than 10 years.

As a hot tub shopper, you should look for a trusted name in the hot tub business, quality, value and a good warranty. Sundance Spas delivers on all those counts.

Find more information about starting your own Sundance Spas hot tub business. Thanks to an educated and customer-focused dealer network, Sundance has become a leader in the hot tub business worldwide.

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